At any given moment at home, I'm attempting to do four things at once.  Empty the dishwasher.  Make the kids a snack.  Talk on the phone.  Feed the cats.  Make myself a cup of coffee.  Need I go on and on? I'm like any other Mom in the house - busy and multitasking several different things at once. So having a hands free phone is a huge … [Read more...]

Noise.  I have a crazy amount of it in my daily life.  From screaming kids, cats meowing for food, cartoons blaring in the background to the phone ringing every 10 minutes, I have a whole heck of a lot of commotion going on around me at any given moment. So I recently tried out the latest product(the ICON) from Jawbone, makers of the infamous … [Read more...]

I finally got Bluetooth-savvy, with Jabra's help. Jabra held a Mobile Moms & Dads Blogger Event and I was really impressed with the quality and ease of use of their Bluetooth devices. I tried to use a Bluetooth headset months ago. I couldn't really figure out how to work it properly and never had it in my ear when someone called me in my car … [Read more...]

I've been driving with a cellphone since 1998 and now rely on using my time wisely, in-other-words, I'm one of those "bad" drivers who talks on the phone through over 50% of her drive time. I recognize its not safe. And I no longer check my e-mail or text while driving (though I'll admit to doing it while stopped at a red light.) So I think that … [Read more...]