I love when companies make smart products. Take for instance Boon's Squirt spoon that came out a few years back - fill up the handle with baby food, stick on the cap and feeding baby on the go was as simple as pie...or smashed peas. I still do love this spoon, but there was only a 2-3 month window when baby was only eating one Squirt handle full of … [Read more...]

Since setting up our Flair High Chair by Boon, Inc., we're all so much happier at our dinner table. Just this week, baby girl has started joining us and sitting right next to her big brother, taking in all the adventure and truly becoming a part of our family meals. While she's not, yet, eating, she's suddenly a part of the action. Our Flair is … [Read more...]

I've been to ABCKids show three years in a row now. Every year the show surprises and delights me with clever inventions, and modern innovations that promise to make the experience of parenting (and childhood itself) safer, cleaner, funner, better. This year was no different in that regard. But it was different in many ways from past shows. This … [Read more...]