Best thing about the fall? Boots! I'm a warm weather girl but that's the one consolation prize I can be happy about with the colder weather coming. My favorite pair of boots are these Jane Strappy's from Frye ($398) and I've had them for 3 years now and wear them regularly. I have another dark brown pair that I wear from that is … [Read more...]

I've been wearing out my UGGs all week with this crazy cold that's hit Philadelphia.  But sadly one of UGGs has a big hole in the front of it from mass use!  With all the ins and outs of my house to school, kids activities and errands, I have to say that my feet have been toasty warm in my UGGs and not felt the cold at all.  And I have Raynaud's … [Read more...]

Gotta love the innovation that takes an old item in your closet (your boots that you wear every day) and changes up the look completely for a great price! That product comes from Hugrz, a company that makes boot wraps and accessories to help you get several looks out of your same pair of boots. Boots are expensive - this is an affordable way to … [Read more...]

Someday he'll kill me for posting about this but I just have to laugh and tell you all that my 8-year-old has taken to stealing my new pair of Emu boots because they are so comfortable. I recently received a pair of Emu Stinger Lo's in Black and Nate just LOVES them. He claims they are his new pair of slippers and wears them all over the house … [Read more...]

The holidays are a perfect time to bundle up and get cozy. Here are some great gift picks to keep the whole family warm this winter. Sunbeam LoftTec Heated Throw - A good throw is great to snuggle down with. Even better? A heated throw. Available in two neutral colors - a dark brown walnut and creamy seashell - the LoftTec Heated Throw offers … [Read more...]

My good friend Zareen received a pair of Ugg Cardy Classic Knit Boots for Christmas and I'm finding I have some serious boot envy.  Aren't these boots so cute? I've spent the last few days trolling the web for other cute boots. Here are a few more I've found since.  Trying hard to curb my need to buy a pair.  What do you … [Read more...]

As my pregnant body continues to grow, it's become increasingly difficult to spend a full day in heels.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not tossing all of my finest footwear into the back of my closet just yet, but most mornings I've been sliding on a pair of flats for comfort.    The newest pair to make it into my shoe rotation is a pair of Ariat … [Read more...]