My baby turned 10 today.  Hard to believe!  It truly feels like just yesterday that I held him on his first day of life at the hospital. It's been a great day for him because we got some snow here in Philly so the kids ended up with a Snow Day from school.  Cancelled school and hours of fun snow time on a kid's birthday?  It's like a dream … [Read more...]

The name should say it all - this toy is called a Vehicle of Mass Destruction and just the name makes me laugh as it's such an enticing boy toy.  The VMD Cannon Commando Toy Vehicle ($34.99, normally $69.99!) is remote-controlled and rapid fires 16 darts up to 50 feet within 12 seconds! This one will be under our Christmas tree this year and I … [Read more...]

Hey guys! It's that time of year again! Rather than breaking everything up into several holiday guides, I'm just going with one guide this year. You can scroll through the titles to see the Mommies with Style top picks (100 of them!!) in various categories and happy shopping.  I'm calling this one my Mother of All Holiday Guides in my head because … [Read more...]

There's just something about these toys that make me laugh, want to shout ROAR and stomp around. I can't help but love the entire line of WWE® toys like this WWE® Championship BRAWLIN' BUDDIES™ Sheamus Action Figure from Mattel for $24.99.  When you squeeze it, it talks in Sheamus' actual voice and says 10 different phrases that are … [Read more...]

Yesterday I brought you a review from my trip to New York last week and day with Time to Play, a holiday toy expo and showcase. Imagine my happiness when I came across the Jazwares booth - full of Minecraft toys!  They had some great plush Minecraft characters like this Enderman and Creeper: You can get the plush Minecraft toys from Jazwares … [Read more...]

I was treated to a great lunch in Philadelphia last week with Hasbro. They were in town showcasing some of their latest products and I was particularly interested as many of the toys seemed great for my boys including Beywarriors - a new toy from Beyblade.  These toys work similarly to the classic Beyblade, you spin and battle in an arena only now … [Read more...]

When I first noticed the Micro Chargers from Moose Toys booth at Sweet Suite (an event at BlogHer in NYC this summer), I knew my boys would be all over it. The gist of this toy is that you have small cars that "charge up" and then you release them onto a track as they zoom around. It's fast and fun and right up any boy's alley! You can buy … [Read more...]

A-dorable!  That's what I said aloud (to my cats as my house was empty as I opened this box) when I opened up a box from Pottery Barn Kids that included one of these Remote Control Dinosaurs ($59). Geared towards kids ages 5+, these toys go to show that simple really best in so many cases!  These wooden dinosaurs are remote control and come … [Read more...]

Yesterday, Cole and I headed over to our local Learning Express toy store.  They were having a huge Columbus day store-wide sale, and it's also getting close to Cole's 5th birthday.  Each year we go to Learning Express and make a "birthday bucket" which is basically like a kid's wish list of toys they want to get. We do it for family & … [Read more...]

This is one of those toy suggestions that everyone Mom is going to curse me for.  But your kids will love me.  Stinky the Garbage Truck was the big gift in our house this week for Cole's 4th birthday party.  He's been watching the commercial for weeks now and it's been at the top of his "Must Have" list. While the retail list is pricey … [Read more...]