I still remember when I got my first bra. I developed kind of late and it was 8th grade. I remember some mean girl in the locker room making fun of me when I finally did get a bra because it was a granny bra - big and unsupportive. Today, there are so many cute and comfortable bras available for developing girls! I would have killed to have bras … [Read more...]

Not really one to rave about bras, I gotta say I'm over the moon about my new bras from Barely There. I'm not the type to care about any prissy or pretty looking bras, comfort has always been #1 for me with my bras & undies so maybe that's why I'm so in love with my new stuff from Barely There - everything is amazingly comfortable! We're talking … [Read more...]

If you've got bra strap issues - The Strapper ($5.99 for 1, $15 for 3pk) is the answer! This little, rounded H - shaped lightweight plastic device is easy to put on and will keep your bra straps securely in place. Whether your bra straps constantly fall down or if you need tighter straps to provide proper support, The Strapper is a terrific … [Read more...]