I nursed my son for a year and that meant that I got to wear lovely nursing bras for a very long time. One thing I learned very quickly is that comfort is key. With your body constantly changing it is important to have a bra that can be worn all day and allow you to easily nurse your baby comfortably. The bras by bravado! Designs are made just for … [Read more...]

This winter, Bravado, who's bras usually tend toward the pricier of the nursing group, began stocking racks at Target, making their brand available to the mainstream. Labeled Basics by Bravado!, its a smaller, less frills line than the fancy Bravado brand bras. Available in only a few "natural" colors and 3 styles: the Emma (Sleep bra), Stella … [Read more...]

Dani from Sonoma, CA (sidenote: I love Sonoma! How lucky is she to call it home?!) is our happy Valentine! She won both the Allure and the Sublime bra & panties sets in our Valentine's giveaway. Upon finding out she won, she commented "I'm so excited about this- I was just on the search for nursing bras today, and ended up with nothing." Well, … [Read more...]

I have been so impressed with Bravado Designs while wearing their bras the past month. They sent me samples of the Sublime Nursing Bra and Panties and the Allure Underwire Nursing Bra and Panties and I have to tell you that all the Bravado bravo is completely warranted. There's a reason this nursing bra line has such a reputation: it looks good, … [Read more...]