These are so cute!  On sale starting today while supplies last, these umbrellas are normally $19.99!  Get a cute Crocs umbrella for $9.99! (And be sure to check out the rest of as they have up to 70% off on lots of other items right now!) … [Read more...]

I pump a lot and thanks to Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier ($36), I can actually can get a little me time while I pump (providing it's quiet where I'm pumping). I can also spend time with my kids, or even do the dishes.. while I pump (though it's not as fun as the me time). I like that it was really easy to use. You fit the bustier to your … [Read more...]

With baby #3 newly home from the hospital, I'm jumping back into the world of breastfeeding. And trying out some different products than with my past newborns. With my previous two children, I almost exclusively used Lanisohn's disposable nursing pads. I think I received my first box as a gift or as a recommendation from another mom and stuck … [Read more...]

I heard and read lots about how painful nursing could be, but until I experienced it myself I had NO idea.  The first few days were a breeze and I really thought that I was the exception.  I was sorely mistaken (no pun intended).  It took a full 8 weeks to stop wincing each time Gianna latched on.  With a lot of reassurance from friends and my … [Read more...]

There is nothing like a good breast pump. I used to cry pumping with a manual pump. It was the most depressing feeling in the world. I was sitting all alone in the bathroom while my husband and newborn were playing downstairs. And pumping (manually) took forever. Until I purchased an electric breastpump by Ameda. What a difference the electric … [Read more...]

Are you a prisoner of your pump? Bored with sitting around clutching the controls? Would you like to break free? The new Hands Free Medela Freestyle Pump lets you do so. But what are you going to do with all that freedom? Here's a Handy (Hands Free!) Top Ten List for you of things you can now do while pumping... if you dare! 10. Practice all the … [Read more...]