Sometimes a nursing mama needs a little help boosting her milk supply. Why not do it with a delicious cookie like Milkmakers? Basically, they're healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a few ingredients added (like brewer's yeast and flaxseed) to promote milk production. Brewer's yeast increases the production of breastmilk and provides … [Read more...]

With baby #3 newly home from the hospital, I'm jumping back into the world of breastfeeding. And trying out some different products than with my past newborns. With my previous two children, I almost exclusively used Lanisohn's disposable nursing pads. I think I received my first box as a gift or as a recommendation from another mom and stuck … [Read more...]

As I shift from pregnancy mode to new mommy/nursing mode (baby comes August 12), I'm looking around for things that will make my life easier as a nursing mom. Medela sent me a sample of their Nursing Camisole ($34), which is made of a cotton blend. Even at 9 months pregnant, it fits me beautifully, is comfortable, and is will fit me after baby … [Read more...]

Some women are confident enough to nurse in public, but I'm not one of them. If I'm in store or park, I prefer to cover up with a Hooter Hider/Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover. It's the same company, the product has two different names. I had owned one with baby #2 and given it away when she was done nursing, so I was so excited when Bebe au Lait … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago, Jen from Nursing Mother Supplies asked to send me a new nursing bra to sample. The minute I read that its a Bravado bra, I was in. I've been so pleased with all the Bravado bras I have, for their lasting quality, the convenience of their breastfeeding closures and the comfort of the bra. The Bliss offers everything I love about … [Read more...]

I heard and read lots about how painful nursing could be, but until I experienced it myself I had NO idea.  The first few days were a breeze and I really thought that I was the exception.  I was sorely mistaken (no pun intended).  It took a full 8 weeks to stop wincing each time Gianna latched on.  With a lot of reassurance from friends and my … [Read more...]

This winter, Bravado, who's bras usually tend toward the pricier of the nursing group, began stocking racks at Target, making their brand available to the mainstream. Labeled Basics by Bravado!, its a smaller, less frills line than the fancy Bravado brand bras. Available in only a few "natural" colors and 3 styles: the Emma (Sleep bra), Stella … [Read more...]

Another product we brought along on our trip was the GoPillow! My son and daughter loved the Go Pillow! so much that they actually fought over whose turn it was to have it! The GoPillow! is a portable pillow that has a built-in blanket tucked away inside. My kids loved snuggling with it on the airplane (of course taking turns), since it is super … [Read more...]

I have been so impressed with Bravado Designs while wearing their bras the past month. They sent me samples of the Sublime Nursing Bra and Panties and the Allure Underwire Nursing Bra and Panties and I have to tell you that all the Bravado bravo is completely warranted. There's a reason this nursing bra line has such a reputation: it looks good, … [Read more...]

Nursingwear is hard enough to find, let alone find some that isn't frumpy. Expressiva is an entire site dedicated to nursingwear, and a great place to shop prior to having your baby. You'll find an excellent selection of bras, catorgized by use. I was sent a sample of their Smocked Tunic Top (in brown) which looks good and works so well for … [Read more...]