This week's Bump Month topic is the last topic of the month and it is:  What No One Ever Told Me/Wish I Would Have Known. I'm a firm believer in learning through experience.  Moms will give you all sorts of advice - both wanted and unwanted.  And you'll hear it all:  use x brand of diapers.  Use this stroller.  Be sure you don't give your … [Read more...]

Don't hate me but I'm one of the lucky Moms who never ended up with stretch marks from my two pregnancies.  But before you go throwing tomatoes, know that I have two c-section scars.  So we're even, okay? And making you even happier, there's a product that can help with stretch marks.  Apothederm is a skin care company that makes Stretch … [Read more...]

This week's topic for #BumpMonth is Breastfeeding. --- I think I have a somewhat unique experience as I formula fed my first and breastfeed my second.  I've written about this a few times so here's a little excerpt from a review I published here last year: I formula fed my first son when he was an infant.  I walked into the hospital at … [Read more...]

So I've been through two kids and two baby registries.  I still remember that overwhelming feeling when I entered Babies R Us the first time I went to register.  I was 20 weeks pregnant with Nate and had literally just found out he was a boy at our ultrasound.  Hubby had no interest in registering so my friend Susan (who was pregnant with #3 at … [Read more...]

Edited to add that this contest has now closed.  Thanks to all who entered and congrats to Amy D. in Allentown, PA for winning our bump basket! Hey New Moms - Grandmas & those of you with friends having babies:  I've got an amazing giveaway going starting today. I've had a couple of months going for #BumpMonth that you may have noticed … [Read more...]

For the entire month of May, I'm a part of a campaign with 9 other bloggers for Bump Month. Nine websites across the country will all be particpiating in celebrating everything pregnancy. We'll talk maternity and newborn and of course we'll have some fab giveaways along the way to let you all play along and have some fun. Last week's theme was … [Read more...]