The day has finally come where my son no longer fits in his infant seat. I put it off as long as possible, but since we are coming dangerously close to the maximum weight limit, I had to bite the bullet and find the right convertible car seat for my son. Normally, I go back and forth for days trying to figure out exactly what I want, but this time … [Read more...]

The First Years' latest booster, the B540, is a somewhat new and reasonable choice on the booster seat market. For starters, it folds in half, making it appealing from a storage perspective.  With a quick fold, you can have it in the trunk of your car for those days you're carpooling or taking an extra kid home with you.  (I only have two kids … [Read more...]

So we took the dreaded minivan plunge earlier this summer.  My husband's older car got swapped out a Honda Odyssey, while he now drives my old car - the Honda Pilot. During the process of this family car-shuffling, I decided we needed to update both car seats and boosters - at least one of our car seats was just over five years old and over the … [Read more...]