Everyone loves a field trip. Even more so when it involves celebrities and unprecedented access to the writers room, set and an on set look at a popular new sitcom. Last Friday night I had the privilege of attending the first ever on set CBS tweet up. I joined fellow bloggers live on the soundstage during the taping of Accidentally on Purpose. … [Read more...]

Tuesday night I was on a call with actress Jenna Elfman, film critic Mary Pols and script writer Claudia Lonow. They’re the supermoms, and superminds, behind CBS’ new hysterical show, Accidentally on Purpose, scheduled to debut Monday night. In real life, Pols, a film critic, wrote a memoir detailing her Accident: getting pregnant at 39 with … [Read more...]

So excited its September. Tonight we saw a few season premieres and there are so many more to come. One I'm certain to program for recording this season: CBS' The Good Wife. Permiering September 22 and starring Juliana Margulies and Chris Noth, The huz and I viewed the pilot a few weeks ago and we were immediately hooked. In fact, resented … [Read more...]