Every year, I've done a round-up of favorite presents that we got on Christmas in the early New Year. After a couple of days of playing with toys, clothes or whatever else we got, it's nice to see what's lasted and ended up being the favorites. I like looking back at these too over the years - it's kind of neat to see what was expected and what was … [Read more...]

gas gift card soul cycle classes- or any cycling class sweatshirts - Nike, Champion, Juicy, Wildfox Polaroid - film Lush backpack - Kipling, Hershel, Fjllrven sunglasses - crap eyewear, Rayban, Quay boxing classes laptop stickers Amazon gift card … [Read more...]

SoI'm loving these pajamas even more in person than I did when I ordered them! I got two pairs of Christmas PJs from Zulily a couple of weeks ago and may have to go back for a third as I see they added some new Holiday PJs at Zulily. Cute, no? The other one I purchased says "Holiday Workout" and shows a wine opener exercising. I like Ho Ho … [Read more...]

Every year, I try and bring a round up of gifts that really thrilled my kids that were under the tree. There's always one or two items I picked up last minute that I didn't think much of that ended up being totally successful and sometimes the toys I think will be the biggest hits are total flops. Here's a few that really stuck out this … [Read more...]

How cute are these easy-to-make Christmas Cake Pops that a friend sent over to me? Check it out - fun to eat but also fun for decorations? Christmas/Holiday Marshmallow Pop Ingredients - 10 large marshmallows 10 Wilton candy sticks – get the thicker candy sticks, the thin one don't hold the weight of the marshmallow and … [Read more...]

Tell me this isn't insane.  We chopped this down fresh, we watered it right away and consistently, and this is the state of our tree this morning on Christmas Eve.  It started drying out after only about a week.  We've had it since December 4th. Here is the current base.  I have to vacuum at least once a day and I've been sweeping as well … [Read more...]

Oh no!  Forgot about Grandpa Joe?  Aunt Shelly always gives you something and you totally forgot to get her a gift?  Here are some ideas for gifts you can purchase today and you won't even have to leave your couch to do it! An annual pass to your local zoo.  Here in Philly, you can get an annual family pass to the Philadelphia Zoo for $99. … [Read more...]

Are you tired of listening to the same old lullabies with your baby? Wouldn’t you love to hear music with your baby that you actually enjoyed? Well, let me introduce you to a series of fabulous CD’s called “My Baby Loves…," full of hit songs transformed into lullabies that you will fall in love with. The initial compilations are based on … [Read more...]

Each year I highlight some great games that we've found and enjoyed playing. We love games. We play a lot. This year, rather than just a brief explanation, I was inspired by my friend who is going with a theme for Chanukah this year: Family Game Night. Each night they're going to open a new game and play. LOVE this idea. So, my suggestions for 8 … [Read more...]