Seventh Generation has just made cleaning more of your house easier - and safer - with their new line of specialty products. As you would expect from this eco-friendly leader, all products are non-toxic, biodegradable, free of phosphates and scented only with essential oils. Wood Cleaner: Scented with calming Lemon Chamomile, this cleanses, … [Read more...]

There's something about the allure of the cleaning aisle...all those pretty bottles all lined up. Especially the eco-friendly ones. I find the packaging and marketing of the green cleaners to be even more appealing - beside them being better for the Earth. But I've said sayonara to my cleaners. Now I'm using an amazing product to clean, sanitize, … [Read more...]

Really. I know they mean well. But when someone you love gets you a vacuum as a gift, despite perhaps your need for a new one or your love of clean floors, it just doesn't go over well. So if you were the recipient of a cleaning devices this holiday season, my apologies. There are, however, a few exceptions. Like if he got you one of these. … [Read more...]

Do you Roomba? No, this isn't a dance move or the latest workout craze. I'm talking about the Roomba from iRobots - the Vacuum Cleaning Robot. That's right ladies, a vacuuming robot. I have three boys and a very hairy black Lab so I could easily justify vacuuming my house every other day. Unfortunately I lack both the time and the passion to … [Read more...]

I'm always looking for ways to green my kitchen and Full Circle Home has a number of useful, beautiful and eco-friendly products to help keep you kitchen clean and green this holiday season. Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner - at our house, the holiday means lots of entertaining which inevitably means lots of dirty glasses to wash. Over the years I've … [Read more...]