Just about everyone has an Apple Macbook in college which makes it hard to keep track of your computer. I recently purchased some stickers off of redbubble.com to decorate my laptop. I love how you can search for whatever style of sticker...and there are tons of options! I picked some that resemble different parts of me so I can always locate my … [Read more...]

Typically, college dorm rooms are intimidating, small, and generic. This year, to help my space feel like home, I decorated every corner of my room with personal pictures, fun posters, mirrors, and a tapestry. A few of my favorite posters I have are from zazzle.com. Although this website is large, searching for specific items you want to … [Read more...]

Going back to college involves a lot of adjustment and the one thing I don't want to stress over is fashion. Back-to-school fashion requires a lot of thought, time, and money as everyone wants to show off their impressive summer tans and highlighted hair. But, usually after the first week, the work load picks up and the trendy outfits are left … [Read more...]