I am heading into my senior year of college so I could consider myself an expert on the whole roommate situation. I have had great roommates and roommates from hell. Both have made me realize what it takes to be a good roommate. Before I get to the tips, here is a little on my history of roommates. Freshman - I lived in a small double with a … [Read more...]

Packing for college is stressful! Luckily, Im here to help you out. There are PLENTY of items you may realize you need once youre at school. Here are the top things you cant forgetremember, its the little things that make a huge difference. Speaker Life is always better with music. A speaker in college is a must for showers, mornings, and having … [Read more...]

Going back to college involves a lot of adjustment and the one thing I don't want to stress over is fashion. Back-to-school fashion requires a lot of thought, time, and money as everyone wants to show off their impressive summer tans and highlighted hair. But, usually after the first week, the work load picks up and the trendy outfits are left … [Read more...]