Whether it's the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls in the morning or a warm loaf of sourdough wafting towards me in line at the grocery store, the smell of fresh baked bread is intoxicating. And though making bread more scratch may seem daunting, a bread maker makes it easy, fast and deliciously pain-free. I recently had the chance to try … [Read more...]

I recently shared with you that I'm looking forward to wrapping baby in a BabyBonkie. These crosses between baby sleeping bags and swaddles are so comfortable and luxurious that I only wish I could wrap myself in one! I know you're wanting one (at least!) for your baby or for your next shower gift, so here's your opportunity to win a Baby … [Read more...]

Remember on Tuesday how I blubbered on and on about how much I love the BOB Revolution stroller?  (click HERE to read about my infatuation with this stroller)  If you visited BOB's site and thought, "Yeah, great stroller, but it's a lot of money...sure would be nice to win one...." then brace yourself. Again. BOB is giving away a stroller.  … [Read more...]