I am all about efficient, easy cooking. I have tried the make-ahead meal places, frozen food, and various cookbooks. And then I found Trader Joe's (or TJ's for short). I love this place! Lots of gourmet foods, ready-to-use items, like washed and cut veggies, gourmet cheeses, marinated meats, frozen delicies, and much more. I love that the items are … [Read more...]

As I continue on my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers, I'm interested in finding recipes to fill me up and please my palate. I love the Weight Watchers Momentum Cookbook ($14.95) because I can find great recipes that help me keep on plan  ---and are delicious to serve to my family. There are recipes for breakfast, packable lunches, … [Read more...]

I hope my kids never have a chance to read Emily Franklin's book, Too Many Cooks.  The reason why: this book makes my sad attempts at cooking even more pathetic than they already are. Pre-kids, the author was a professional chef and foodie.  Her book chronicles her life in the kitchen, cooking for a family of six, over the course of a year.  … [Read more...]