My husband hates today! Well ya know, he loves that I'm getting things on sale but it's definitely my free-for-all spending day each year if I can get organized. Because who can resist some of these epic coupon codes and sales? I find Cyber Monday so much more appealing than Black Friday... hello coffee and shopping on my couch. I'll add coupons … [Read more...]

Coupon codes galore for this weekend's Labor Day celebrations!  Some of these seem too-good-to-be-true so hop on them!  Lots of end of summer style sales to be had if you're good and can buy and hold onto stuff until next season and there's also plenty of new fall items that are debuting this weekend.  You can generally find good deals the first … [Read more...]

For the first time that I can actually remember, we're home over the long 4th of July weekend.  Typically we're at the beach or up in the Adirondacks but we're laying low this weekend and hitting a few BBQs and local parties.  And today... ?  Well, I may have to shop some of these amazing 4th of July coupon codes and sales because there are … [Read more...]

If you're planning a party, have a baby announcement to send or anything invite-related, now is the time to do it and buy from  This coupon code is EPIC!  They usually have a good one for the holidays but I don't usually see them year round - the reason for this 30% off site wide coupon is because it's their … [Read more...]

Hold the presses, people! Athleta has put out a 20% off coupon code that works thru tomorrow. They almost never have a coupon code so take advantage! My poor credit card! Use coupon code 20FIREDUP thru June 30th at … [Read more...]

Layering up is the way to go with bracelets!  Half the time I don't know what I'm wearing but I'm always confident that I can accessorize cutely with a bunch of layered bracelets.  My latest go-to bracelet is this Plated Beaded Brown Macrame Bracelet with Tassels from Blee Inara ($80). Blee Inara sent me the brown & gold one and it's … [Read more...]

Over the years, my family has used several products from the fabulous DadGear.  Years ago, DadGear started out of the inspiration to make baby gear that's Dad-friendly. We've all seen our hubbys and other Dads carry the frilly pink diaper bag and had a chuckle out of it.  DadGear makes guy-friendly diaper bag gear. We've used the DadGear … [Read more...]

I'm loving my new "W" necklace from Posh Mommy Jewelry. It's a simple gold circle with an elegant W (which fits for both my first and last name) and has my boys' birth dates engraved on the back. Simple, elegant and charming, I've been wearing this necklace almost every day since I received it. It's so subtle too that I find it can be worn alone … [Read more...]

Thanks to Mindi from Moms Need to Know for the heads up this morning! I'll be hitting at noon today to check things out! Use coupon code BRTIME to receive 35% off your order anytime after noon ET today through midnight tonight. … [Read more...]

This coupon code includes new arrivals! Use coupon code WEEKEND for 40% off your order of $150 or more on  Free shipping, too! … [Read more...]