Dads don't want ties. Ever. It's like getting kids socks for Christmas. Sure, dad might need them, but it's hard to be excited about a piece of clothing required for work. Instead, this Father's Day, get dad this book: We Stood Upon Stars by Roger Thompson. Dads crave adventure. You may have heard some tales about crazy campouts or road trips … [Read more...]

Dad's-to-be shouldn't have to endure the "pains" of wearing uncomfortable street clothes while comforting a wife in labor.  That was Robert Nickell's philosophy behind the creation of DaddyScrubs.  Anyone who has ever owned a pair of scrubs can attest to their comfort.  And when I received a pair from DaddyScrubs, my husband immediately … [Read more...]

Although I was dying to post about this one before Father's Day, I didn't want to take the risk that hubby was actually reading.  So here it is - our Father's Day gift hit after the fact.  My boys and I filled a 75-quart cooler, the Rubbermaid Durachill, with various small man items for my hubby for Father's Day. He was thrilled with it.  We … [Read more...]

My husband took one look at this frame and claimed it for himself.  As a computer consultant for a major software company, he travels quite a bit. He immediately commented that having a small digital frame such as this would be great - it's small enough that he can fit it in his pocket or laptop case, but has a big enough screen (and storage … [Read more...]