Before attending the Disney Social Media Moms conference last month, my family was not all that interested in seeing Pixar's newest movie coming this summer - Inside Out. I had seen a brief trailer and was all, feelings inside a head? Eh? The concept seemed a bit... well, weird to me, to be honest! But then we had a screening of about 2/3 of the … [Read more...]

Did you guys catch Teen Beach Movie ($17.96 on Amazon) when it was on the Disney Channel last week?  My kids are big Ross Lynch and Austin & Ally fans so they were bummed that we were out of town when it was on and miffed that I forgot to DVR it! It's played a few times but we keep missing it so they were thrilled to get the DVD in the … [Read more...]

This looks cute, right? From above the world of “Cars” comes “Disney’s Planes,” an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty’s not exactly built for racing—and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a … [Read more...]

Since I have two boys, you'd think we wouldn't be into Tinker Bell... but my boys love Tinker Bell. If you mention this review to them in person, I will deny I said so! So don't do it! But they secretly are totally into any of the movies. They won't even admit it but when they come in Disney, including the preview for the new Tinker Bell movie, … [Read more...]

Cinderella fans, take note! Disney is releasing a special two-disc Diamond/Blu-Ray DVD Combo of Cinderella tomorrow! The Cinderella DVD Two-Disc Diamond Combo pack is available for pre-order on Amazon for $22.99. Also, to celebrate the release, Disney is offering all these fun interactive goodies online including downloadable coloring pages, … [Read more...]

I'm so excited for this one!  Probably because I'm a closet gamer and love the old games they are featuring but how fun does the new Disney movie, Wreck It Ralph, look? This new trailer came out today, check it out! The movie comes out in theaters on November 2nd. … [Read more...]

Last week, I was psyched to have the opportunity to check out an early showing of the movie the Odd Life of Timothy Green, a new movie releasing in theaters by Disney later next week (Wednesday, August 15th).  I was happy to get a chance to get away from the buzz of BlogHer to just decompress for a little while and to veg out.  Plus I totally … [Read more...]

A big Disney DVD release and must-have under the tree this holiday season is Cars 2!  Favorites Lightning McQueen and Mater return in this fun sequel. My kids haven't seen it yet but we're excited to watch this latest installment where the characters go abroad in this fast-spaced James Bondesque movie. Get the Cars 2 DVD & Blu-Ray Combo … [Read more...]

My boys love all of the "Buddies" movie series that involve all those cute golden retriever puppies.  Disney's latest Buddy release is Spooky Buddies ($19.99 for the Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack on Amazon) - which comes out just in time for Halloween.  Obviously this one has a haunted/spooky house twist but it's the typical cute, family fun … [Read more...]

On March 1st, Disney will be releasing this Diamond Edition of Bambi.  The Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack includes both discs and you can get it at a great discounted price of $24.99 on Amazon with free shipping (it will be retailing for $39.99) What do you think of the movie Bambi?  I saw a lot of negative reviews on Amazon of Moms not wanting to … [Read more...]