There's no one more popular in our house than Doc McStuffins! Now with our new Doc McStuffins Magic Talkin' Doc and Friends toy ($49.99) by Just Play; her pals Lambie and Stuffy are must-haves where ever we go. My almost three year old daughter Fiona lives for anything Disney and LOVES the doctor because of her pal Doc. She has her very own Doc … [Read more...]

If you're lucky enough to actually be able to find it in-store (it's selling out like crazy), Disney's Doc McStuffins Doll from Just Play Toys is one of the IT toys for the holiday season.  It normally sells for $29.99 when you can find it - you can see it listed here on the Toys R Us site {Disney's Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll, … [Read more...]