I *heart* Leapfrog. Their products are educational, fun, smart and appeal to kids and parents alike. Leapfrog recently released two new DVDs to their growing Learning DVD collection - Numbers Ahoy and The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park - which arrived just in time for sickness to hit our household and were the perfect solution to our … [Read more...]

I had heard of the Baby Einstein in the past, but had yet to ever seen a video. I knew that they were videos with fun sounds and colors, and I was extremely excited to try out a video for myself once my little boy was here. I was even more excited to find out that Baby Einstein has come out with what they call Discovery Kits, which are innovative … [Read more...]

Okay so one of the movie releases I'm the most excited for is the Smurfs - Smurfy Tales.  Love that the Smurfs seem to be making a come back!  I even saw a bunch of Smurf toys on the shelf today during a trip to Walmart.  Get the DVD on Amazon for $10.99 and channel your inner kid by watching these old episodes with your kids.  Releases August … [Read more...]