So many toys. We go through so many toys in our house. I feel like it's out of control and every few months I'll go through the basement and have a mass purging out of frustration.  If I'm good, I donate the toys that are still in decent shape to our local preschool.  Other times, I bag everything up for Goodwill.  And when I'm reeeeeally … [Read more...]

While I agree with many of my blogger friends who argue that every day should be Earth Day (why does it take just one day for us to appreciate the world and natural resources at our disposal), I always like attempting to feature some of the more eco-friendly products out there around Earth Day. Here's a few of my favorite earth-friendly products … [Read more...]

April 22nd is Earth Day and every year I love bringing our readers the most unique and eco-friendly products that are out on the market. Here's one of many earth-friendly products I'll be featuring this month:  the Earth Purse.  Each purse uses 100% recycled textiles that have previously been thrown out. Each purse is unique so you know … [Read more...]

I've been dying to see the movie Avatar.  I wanted to see it when it was out in the theater but movie nights are few and far between around here.  No doubt you have heard the rave reviews of the movie, if you haven't yet seen it for yourself. The premise of the movie is a story set on another planet sometime in the future.  Pandora is a lush … [Read more...]

Here's another great product that goes along with the Earth Day & Week theme - the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter from Felknor Ventures. Hubby has quite the green thumb.  Every year he and my boys work on the vegetable garden and it produces tons of wonderful home-grown vegetables for us to eat throughout the summer and fall.   This past … [Read more...]

As a part of their Friends for a Change - Save Planet Earth campaign, Disney has come out with a line of Save Planet Earth products that are being sold at the Disney Store. I came home last week to a neat little package full of a couple of the products - including a plush Toy Story Alien, who is the official mascot for this campaign.  With many … [Read more...]

As many of you know, Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day.  On that day, PBS will be airing the WordGirl episode "Earth Day Girl."  The language loving superhero saves the planet in this episode.  We have three prize packs to giveaway to 3 Mommies with Style readers as we spread the word about the episode - the prize includes the "Earth Day … [Read more...]