Everything is awesome... when you're wearing a LEGO Watch! I can't think of a better Easter basket goodie for your LEGO fan than one of these LEGO Kids Watches.  The watches run around $25 and they have Star Wars, Legends of Chima, Batman, Robin, LEGO Movie watches and more! Aren't these the cutest? Get one of these LEGO watches or one … [Read more...]

Here's a cute new toy for their Easter baskets: Fijit Friends Newbies. These handheld toys are like their parent counterparts but smaller and pocket or hand-sized. Like the regular sized Fijit Friends, the Newbies are interactive toys that sing, dance and have their own personality. They are cute-looking and colorful and I think this would … [Read more...]

Here's some fun for the Easter Basket:  Jelly Belly Bubble Wands.  The bubbles are scented and the wand is big, making large bubble fun for the kids. You can get a 3-pack of these at LittleKidsInc.com for $8.99. They have some other Jelly Belly bubble products that look fun for Easter too (feel like the girls would love the Jelly Bean … [Read more...]

While my boys (7&4) will get some candy in their Easter baskets, I definitely make it my mission each year to keep the candy and junk food in there down to a minimum.  And I definitely remember going on a hunt when they were smaller to find fun alternatives to candy to put into the Easter Eggs.  (I wasn't up for giving my toddler jelly beans … [Read more...]