My kids had fun last weekend playing with these Hide 'em and Hatch 'em Eggs ($8.95 on Amazon).  Anything they can soak in water and transform is a hit in this house! Set these eggs in water and three toys will hatch.  It takes up to 18 hours and my kids were totally impatient and helped things along!  I'd say it was about 8 hours before the 3 … [Read more...]

So if you or your kids are As Seen on TV junkies like us, you may have witnessed the commercials for Wuggle Pets. While not exactly the same, Wuggle Pets remind me of the Build-A-Bear experience.  Here's how it works. Kids get a unstuffed animal and using the Wuggle Pet Kit they can stuff their pets at home with stuffing, magic dust and adorable … [Read more...]

Cute, right?  Get this four-pack of Easter Eggs from Play-Doh filled with corresponding colors for $11.76 with free shipping from Amazon. Every kid loves Play-Doh and this is a nice alternative to candy. … [Read more...]