This treat is super simple and cute for Easter and Spring! What You Need Marshmallows Rice Krispies Butter Green Icing Chocolate Mini Eggs Steps Make Rice Krispie treat and freeze them for 20 minutes in a cupcake tray Press the treats into a nest-like shape and freeze for two hours Swirl green frosting into the center of the treat Add some mini … [Read more...]

You guys. This is one of the best quiches I have ever had or made! No joke. So I only somewhat recently got into making quiches. It's just such a nice way to toss a bunch of healthy ingredients together and have a filling meal that generally gives you good leftovers for a day or two as well. Today, I'm bringing you a recipe for my fav quiche … [Read more...]

I always forget how much it costs to host a family function. I mean, I know but then I still am amazed when I end up spending $300+ or whatever on a meal for a big family holiday. You guys know what I'm talking about! So I received an email from BJs Wholesale Club about getting all your food for your family's Easter brunch for under $100 and I was … [Read more...]

Of course my guys get some candy in their Easter baskets. But honestly, neither of them is huge on candy and who wants to fill a basket with only candy? I'm always on the hunt for cute non-candy ideas each year to include in their baskets. Here's a round-up of some good picks for this year if you're looking for the same: The Tangle, original … [Read more...]

It's post Easter brunch over here and I'm sitting in expanding sweatpants and a big old cup of coffee post Easter wine and I thought it would be a good time to bring you guys photos of my latest Stitch Fix box! I ordered a box requesting a few possible dresses for Easter. It was scheduled to come Thursday but didn't arrive until later afternoon on … [Read more...]

Remember those little pills we got as a kid? The ones you would put in a glass of water and it would magically grow into an animal? How fun were those toys! Of course they still have them but there are so many cooler options these days like these Hatch 'Em's from Animal Planet that are kind of perfect for the Easter basket since they batch out of … [Read more...]

  Can you guys believe that Easter is just a week and a half way? It's early this morning but it's starting to feel like spring on the east coast so we're thrilled to bring you these 8 pretty Easter dress picks today: We love the pretty pink shade in this Claribel Dress from Anthropologie, seems like a perfect shade for an Easter … [Read more...]

In recent years, I find I'm a touch Grinch-y when it comes to the holidays and getting things for my kids. I'm all,they don't need this shizzznet in their baskets or my house! But today, I kind of gave myself a kick in the pants about it. I was standing in the Easter aisle in Wegmans and there were these two British ladies there shopping for … [Read more...]

My 3rd Grader came home with a worksheet listing 40 Good Deeds Children Can Do During Lent the other day. It's written by someone named Michele S - wish I could give further attribution but that's all it says & didn't seem to be online anywhere. Wherever you are, thanks for this great list, Michele S! I thought it was such a great list … [Read more...]

I picked up some last minute Easter basket goodies at CVS the other day!  That place is a serious one-stop-shop.  I had a prescription to fill so I wandered the aisles and grabbed a few things that I thought would be good time to finish up what's going into my kids baskets. They're not huge on chocolate or candy but it's Easter so you gotta … [Read more...]