I found these Color Fill Jute Floor Bins in the Easter Basket section of Land of Nod and I LOVE this idea.  Who needs a basket when you can fill one of these and they are useful for storage after? The Color Fill Jute Floor Bin is $19.95 and Land of Nod is offering free shipping on ALL Easter basket orders over $25 TODAY ONLY.  They have some … [Read more...]

Maybe it's the fact that it snowed on Friday and it's still feeling like winter around here but it hit me over the weekend that Easter is just two weeks away!  Man did that sneak up on me. I figured I better get on the ball and start planning what's going in the Easter baskets.  My kids aren't big on candy - they will eat some here and there but … [Read more...]

Less than two weeks 'til Easter!  I went shopping for my boys yesterday and got a handful of fun items at the Dollar Store just to fill up.  We're not big on candy in our house - they get a little every holiday but it generally sits and then gets dumped a few weeks later!  I'm all about finding cute and fun fillers to have them excited on Easter … [Read more...]

My kids had fun last weekend playing with these Hide 'em and Hatch 'em Eggs ($8.95 on Amazon).  Anything they can soak in water and transform is a hit in this house! Set these eggs in water and three toys will hatch.  It takes up to 18 hours and my kids were totally impatient and helped things along!  I'd say it was about 8 hours before the 3 … [Read more...]

Feel like my post title's kind of a duh, right? You can't go wrong inviting Hershey's into your house for Easter! This season, I was invited to hop on the Easter Trail with CelebratewithHersheys.com. I was able to make my own personalized basket filled with candy of my choice! For my basket (who am I kidding, for the basket I ordered that will … [Read more...]

Nestle has something new going this Easter season that I thought was pretty cute - available only at Target, you can get this Paul Frank Nestle Easter "Bunny." Julius, the Paul Frank Bunny, has sprouted ears for the season all in the yummy package of a Nestle Crunch bar. Cute, right? Be sure to check on Nestle on Facebook too to see all they … [Read more...]

This time of year, my inbox is overrun with pitches with cute Easter dresses for girls. Which always causes the same reaction in me - I have two boys and, what about the Moms? I love that Easter is one of the only times of year that it's so clear cut what you can wear - and fun, too! Easter's about a dress, and a bright fun color at … [Read more...]

So if you or your kids are As Seen on TV junkies like us, you may have witnessed the commercials for Wuggle Pets. While not exactly the same, Wuggle Pets remind me of the Build-A-Bear experience.  Here's how it works. Kids get a unstuffed animal and using the Wuggle Pet Kit they can stuff their pets at home with stuffing, magic dust and adorable … [Read more...]

Here's some fun for the Easter Basket:  Jelly Belly Bubble Wands.  The bubbles are scented and the wand is big, making large bubble fun for the kids. You can get a 3-pack of these at LittleKidsInc.com for $8.99. They have some other Jelly Belly bubble products that look fun for Easter too (feel like the girls would love the Jelly Bean … [Read more...]

While my boys (7&4) will get some candy in their Easter baskets, I definitely make it my mission each year to keep the candy and junk food in there down to a minimum.  And I definitely remember going on a hunt when they were smaller to find fun alternatives to candy to put into the Easter Eggs.  (I wasn't up for giving my toddler jelly beans … [Read more...]