Get Cash Back! Really!! My Husband recently downloaded the app Rakuten (formerly called eBates). I had never heard of it before and to be honest, I was skeptical. He told me it was an app that you can use to earn cashback on all your online purchases. I told him that I have used apps like this before and they make you fill out surveys or … [Read more...]

Hi guys - this month's Savvy Living Community Back to School Blitz that I'm participating in is a fun one - TWO HOURS of back to school chat with TONS of prizes! Wahooooo! 8-9 pm ET will be a back to school chat for kids and then 9-10 pm ET is my hosting hour and we'll be talking back to school fashion! There will be great prizes and all you … [Read more...]

You just can't beat this deal! Ann Taylor LOFT has a 40% off Friends & Family Coupon Code out right now - use coupon code FRIENDSAF to receive 40% off your order at  Be sure to go through your account and get an additional 3% back from your purchase into your eBates account! … [Read more...]

So I'm really excited that eBates is a part of this week's Back to School Bash!  If you guys have been on Mommies with Style in the last few months, you know that I've been working with them on their Savvy Living Community. I'm now totally turned onto eBates and have been using them since!  It's basically free money for you - if you're going … [Read more...]

Do you pack your child's lunch for school? Do you find you are often looking for good & healthy ideas? I know I am! I love to get creative with my kids' lunches and I try and change it up a lot but it's hard to come up with tons of ideas on a daily basis, right? Tonight's chat on the eBates Savvy Living Community will definitely help! Please … [Read more...]

Hi guys, I have another one of those fun eBates chats going on live TONIGHT! It's at 9 pmET and all you need to do is visit this webpage and you can reply instantly right below when you are logged in via Facebook or BlogFrog - easy peasy! Awesome, right? Join in and let's exchange some summer BBQ and enteraining ideas! … [Read more...]

I'm a little more than a month into my gig over at the eBates Savvy Living Community and I'm having so much fun guys! I think I just really missed the old school message board where someone posts a thread and you chat away. Visit me! Please! I'd love to have some friends over there with me. Click on the "All" under Forum on the left to see … [Read more...]

I'm into my second month of my new gig over at the BlogFrog eBates community and I'm having so much fun! Once a month I'll be hosting a chat over there - it's all web-based and you can login via your BlogFrog or Facebook account and chat away right here on Mommies with Style! My topic for this month is Summer Travel - I know you all have a lot … [Read more...]

Hi all, I've joined a team of some marvelous Moms as a Community Leader on the Blog Frog eBates Savvy Living Community. Long before blogging was even a twinkle in my little eye, I was on various message boards chatting about all sorts of things so I love getting back to my community message board roots with this gig! This great community talks … [Read more...]