Every now and then I receive a product that makes me say, well this is just awesome. I had that reaction when I opened up the samples I received from Kleen Slate. Kleen Slate makes dry erase paddles and products. The dry erase marker fits into the handle of the paddle and the possibilities are pretty endless with these paddles. Today, we used … [Read more...]

It's been really interesting to watch my second son learn his letters and sounds this year.  I find I'm more fascinated with it this second time around than I was with my oldest.  Maybe because I was chasing around a crawling baby the first time? Whatever it is, I feel like I have this small window of opportunity right now to teach Cole (newly … [Read more...]

One of my biggest fears for my oldest this summer is that the 12-weeks of summer vacation will undo everything he learned in first grade this past year. This past year was the year that he basically really learned to read and I'm afraid the weeks away from school will have him forgetting much of what he learned. Enter PBSKids and iVillage's … [Read more...]

Always on the hunt for workbooks and fun educational items to help teach both of my boys, I was happy to hear from Kumon Publishing.   Kumon publishes a series of workbooks to help teach early reading and math skills. For my 6-year-old, I got him My First Book of Sentences and My Book of Money: Dollar & Cents.  The latter one has been … [Read more...]