When I'm feeling organized, I use eMeals.com subscription based meal-planning service to feed the fam.  I had fallen off the organization wagon a bit the last few weeks with traveling and the unorganized summer days. But on a recent road trip I did a random search to see if eMeals had an iPhone app and was psyched to learn they do!  I … [Read more...]

I think we can all agree that meal-planning is the way to go when you have a family.  Not that I do it each week, but when I do, I definitely find I cut back on the grocery bill - and we eat better and I'm reminded, I gotta do this again next week!  I use eMeals for my meal planning and I've been using them since January of this year again on … [Read more...]

Meal planning is one of those things I do in spurts. I'll do it for awhile, stop and then when I start again, I think, why did I ever stop doing this? I've started meal planning again this week thanks to eMeals.com and I'm once again reminded how much healthier we eat and how much money I save at the grocery store when I plan ahead. I've … [Read more...]