Hey guys! Been awhile. Like the rest of the world, I'm struggling to get through 2020 for a variety of reasons. One of the things I missed the most during quarantine in the spring was my gym. I got back into running, which was great, but I missed the variety of having classes and having strength training. Finding hand weights was as hard as … [Read more...]

As I write this, I'm onto day 5 of nursing my 9 year old, who is home sick with the flu. (I posted earlier this week if you're in the same boat as me and want to see how I'm nursing him - What You Need to Help Your Kids Get Through the Flu.)  I didn't want my fitness routine to suffer and I had hubby around over the weekend so I could scoot out to … [Read more...]

My weight's a constant battle.  I've said it before - I have a good 15lb range that my scale will see on any given year or two.  Most of the time I'll hover in the middle of that range.  After a good diet I'll be at the start of it, after a summer of drinks and barbecues, I'll be at the other end. I lost almost 15 pounds in the summer of … [Read more...]

Last spring, I had finally had it.  I was still up several pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and the kicker?  My son was 3 1/2.  Deciding that it wasn't just going to "come off" easily after three and a half years, I joined MyFitnessPal.com at the encouragement of my little sister. From May to September, I lost 15 pounds.  I was probably … [Read more...]

This is one of those reviews I'm writing out of profound thanks and love.  No one pitched me about this website or product.  No PR folks cold called my cell to tell me I have to sign up.  This is a, "I've used this service and it's awesome and I have to tell you about it" post. So it was my sister and family who tuned me into … [Read more...]

Someone once told me that if you want to be good at something, you should act "as if" you already were. As if you knew what you were doing. Picture yourself in the role. Perhaps this is why working out, in what is essentially my pajamas, had me feeling a little less than inspired. Working out in clothes from Lucy, on the other hand, has me … [Read more...]