It's finally fall around these parts! I swear, sometimes it feels like we get very little out of a transition periodwhen we're changing the seasons here in Philadelphia. One week it was hotter than Hades here and the next, I'm shivering at the bus stop in the morning in 47 degree weather. Yup, so that's where we're at - cool mornings and … [Read more...]

You don't have to look far these days for fashion inspiration - Pinterest may be a time-suck but it's also such a great place to get ideas on what to wear!  Here are some outfits I pinned just yesterday - aren't these all so fun for the fall? I envision this one as being awesome on one of those Indian Summer days where it's late fall but 80 … [Read more...]

One of my biggest pet peeves with collages people feature from Polyvore are the prices and the accessibility of the products featured. There's nothing worse than seeing a cute outfit and clicking on one of the items only to find out that the item is $2000 at Harrods and you have to pay another $200 to have it shipped to the US. But I sometimes … [Read more...]

It's about that time to start thinking about apple picking, cider donuts and falling leaves. I love it! While I'll definitely miss the summer, I'm ready for some pumpkins and all the fun fall fashion that comes along with the new chill in the air. As we soon move to wearing pants, I'll be sporting this new pair of Chinos from Lands End! Nice, … [Read more...]

Fergie "Carly" It’s gray outside and the weather is getting cooler and as I get dressed this morning my mind keeps turning to boots. Fall is right here and that means boot weather. I am addicted to boots. Every fall, I add to my collection. I own more pairs than I care to disclose. Next up on my hit list are two of this Fall’s must have … [Read more...]