Before we give 2020 a huge goodbye party, there are still a few holidays left to celebrate. As everyone keeps saying, "The holidays will be different this year", but that doesn't mean we still can't shower our loved ones with gifts! And through online ordering and shipping, you can do it all from your couch. I am actually really excited this … [Read more...]

It's that time of year again! The holidays are right around the corner and we have your guide to some of the hottest new toys this season! Here is our break down of some of the best toys and games we've tried this year. TINY LOVE 4-in-1 ACTIVITY CENTER We just loved this activity center from Tiny Love! The best thing about it was that … [Read more...]

Over father's day weekend my family went to New Jersey to visit my Mom Mom, Pop Pop, Aunt, Uncle and cousins. It got a bit cool out so we all took a break from the pool. We weren't sure what to do, so I pulled out a new game I just got, Stuff Happens. It said it was for 13 and up, so the little kids paired up with the older ones playing. We had the … [Read more...]

This is the game you want to dig out for a group family play after Thanksgiving dinner. It's so much fun. Called Kilter, it's a bit like Jenga with a twist and made by a company called Simply Fun. This game is all about balancing of pieces. Each team starts the game with a select number of blocks. You take turns placing them on the game board (the … [Read more...]

In just 4 minutes, players of Fast4Words add letters to a grid, making words to gain points. A combination of Boggle, Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles and a little Connect Four, this its a great skill-builder that keeps you on your toes as you try to gain points creating your words. Another "wordie" game, Keesdrow is "Word Seek" backwards. Players … [Read more...]

Each year I highlight some great games that we've found and enjoyed playing. We love games. We play a lot. This year, rather than just a brief explanation, I was inspired by my friend who is going with a theme for Chanukah this year: Family Game Night. Each night they're going to open a new game and play. LOVE this idea. So, my suggestions for 8 … [Read more...]

I have found memories of game night when I was a child and was eager to start the tradition with my own family.  But my oldest only just turned three which felt like it limited the number of suitable board games we could play.  Fortunately I’ve come across two that have been toddler-appropriate and great additions to our game repertoire.  The … [Read more...]

I'm telling you, once you start playing You've Been Sentenced, you aren't going to want to stop. And the winners of our giveaway are sure to agree. Congrats to Chris of OH, Adelaide of VT, Jessica of PA and Lauren of WA... they're all receiving games to play with their friends and family and all they had to do to win was be on our newsletter … [Read more...]

It's no secret that I love playing games. Party games especially. Given the opportunity to test out the new game You've Been Sentenced by McNeill Designs I was eager and excited. We brought it along with us to an annual family reunion and it was quite a hit amongst the teens to grandparents crowd--in-other-words, the adults loved this game.  … [Read more...]