No, I'm not talking about my hair today (although yes, that's going gray too these days. Thank God for highlights!). I'm talking about gray in your wardrobe! It's been a rainy couple of days in Philly and it cooled off too so I went back to wearing pants and some warmer clothes the last day or two. Two items I had just ordered from Nordstrom … [Read more...]

I am hugely obsessed with these newEar Climber earrings from Stella & Dot. They are apparently flying off the shelves as they are already listed as low in stock and they literally only just released. They are only $39! And I'm happy to report, I figured out how to offer everyone a discount on them - woo! I had to create an online trunk show … [Read more...]

There's always that SOMEONE on your holiday gift list who's just a real challenge to buy for. Great Aunt Mary, the bus driver, your kid's teacher this year whose style you just can't figure out. Gift cards are always a crowd pleaser for anyone but if you're looking for something small and elegant that would make a great gift for most women, check … [Read more...]

Out at a kid's birthday party last weekend, my husband remarked, "hey, is plaid back in style?" He was commenting because most of the Moms at the party (located outside at a horse farm) were in plaid shirts with jeans and boots of some kind. Of course this observation doesn't help my attempt to have him KonMari his side of the closet because it … [Read more...]

Wellllll, I think I can say that fall has finally hit us here in Philadelphia. We have been totally lucky with lingering summer temps but this week is the week it finally started feeling like fall weather. It's in the low 50s in the morning and can get up to the mid 70s in the afternoon but there's definitely a chill in the air early and late in … [Read more...]

You know how you're looking to tuck a nice blouse into a skirt or pants and you just can't get it to tuck right? Or you tuck it, head to your meeting/event/whatever and find yourself fussing with it the entire time? Enter TUXE Bodywear. I wasn't sure what to think of this at first - TUXE Wear makes high-end body suits, basically. I wondering if … [Read more...]

Part of my interest in Stitch Fix comes with the intrigue of it all. There's excitement when I get a box on my doorstep and there's that gleam of hope that what's inside will be cute and perfect. Plus, who doesn't love having someone else shop for them? I know I do. Having a personal stylist via Stitch Fix is about as rich for my blood as I'm … [Read more...]

It's humid and hot outside, so it's hard to believe that FALL is around the corner. And my favorite part of fall? The fashion! So it's perfect timing that Stella & Dot just launched their brand-new, gorgeous Fall line last week. My friendJenThomas has been a Stylist and leader in the Philly area for over 5 years and always gives me insider … [Read more...]

Last week I was up in Manhattan for my 4th BlogHer and 2nd Blogger Bash. Both are fabulous blogging conferences/events and they happened to overlap this year. There's always an insane amount of events whenever you get a bunch of social media influencers into one city together. In my 3-4 days in New York City, I'll generally not have a free … [Read more...]

My staple wardrobe this time of year is a maxi skirt and a tank top. Sometimes I think maybe I'm a little predicable - I'm tank and maxi during the day dressed down, and I'm often a tank and maxi at night too with a little extra bling. It's just so versatile and comfortable! Pretty much everything I pin for summer clothes involves a maxi skirt … [Read more...]