26 new Kohl's opened nationwide last week and they are having big sales at every Kohl's in honor of these grand openings! Check out my fashion haul! … [Read more...]

So technicaly this one isn't a Fashion Friday for the ladies. Sorry for the little cheat today, but I was excited about this shopping haul I had for my kids at Walmart for some back to school clothes and had to share today! Basically I was given $75 to get a week's worth of clothes at Walmart for one of my kids for back to school. Seeing as my … [Read more...]

In case you missed it, last week I was in Nashville for the CAbi (clothing)'s Scoop.  You can see more about the event and what I did there on my previous posts: Cowboys & Fab Clothes: Fun in Nashville with CAbi and What to Wear: Lose the Stress & Be Comfortable with You.  While there, I went to their Vintage sale, which involved the … [Read more...]