I nursed my son for a year and I plan on nursing my daughter (if I can), but when I saw this great product from Baby Brezza I was extremely excited to share it with you. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro┬áis basically like a Keurig for baby formula. That means with a push of a button you get the perfect bottle every time! Sounds like a lifesaver to … [Read more...]

Despite making my own homemade baby food, Skylar just isn't into it yet. So I turned to Sprout Foods, co-founded by chef (and dad of 3) Tyler Florence. Our time at the Food Network overlapped a little, but we never met (I worked there in production from 1994- 1999). Now that Skylar is old enough to eat, we just had to sample some! So far, my … [Read more...]

Looking to make your own baby food -- look no further than the Beaba Babycook ($149). It's four-in-one-product - you can steam cook with it, blend with it, defrost, and reheat. It's got a 2 cup capacity and cooks super fast (less than 15 minutes for some foods). They've got a small recipe book included, but I wasn't as impressed with that. But I … [Read more...]