Full disclosure: this Passback football arrived in the mail, I opened it up and my first thought was, "what happened to this football?"I called Cole over and he immediately was like MOM. This is the coolest thing ever, how do you not know what this is for? And then he showed me how completely ingenious this football is. It's designed for tossing … [Read more...]

Wanna get the whole family involved in the Super Bowl?  My kids love to watch football but I know at slow game times they can also get bored.  I was checking out Pinterest for fun Super Bowl game-day related activities for kids - people are so crafty and clever! I found some really cute ideas and hope to do some of these with my boys on game … [Read more...]

I'm predicting these are going to be hot this holiday season!  See this little foil pack up above?  It's a TeenyMates bag and inside of it are two NFL players.  The Packers and the Patriots are pictured but you never know what you're going to get!  My boys LOVE these. They were holding out for a Philadelphia Eagles player and we didn't get one … [Read more...]

A couple of years ago, I started doing Fantasy Football with my husband and some good friends.  Already an Eagles fan, being a part of a Fantasy League has only served to make football something even more exciting for our family each fall.  There's just something to be said for an afternoon on the couch screaming at the tv, eating fattening food, … [Read more...]