With all the Covid restrictions, Whitney and I have been doing a lot of running and playing tennis these past few months. I don't know if it's the increase in exercise or turning 40, but my shin splints and lower back have been giving me some pain. Dr. Scholl's has always been my go to for shoe inserts, but I mainly used them for my high heels. … [Read more...]

I don't think I've ever seen Big's eyes nearly roll to the back of his head in such heaven as they did when he tried Feed Your Soul's Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies. He even sighed as he ate his. The next night for dessert, he selected White Chocolate Snicker Doodle, he claimed, "Mom, I don't know which is better. This one or last night. I really … [Read more...]

Blue Aster Designs creates amazing multi media collage art that is simply beautiful! They specialize in magnetic memo boards, magnetic photo frames, memory books, framed invitations and customized photography art. Last year when I was searching for the perfect memo board for my kids’ rooms, I was amazed at how expensive the boards can be. So … [Read more...]

I fondly remember having this amazing book read to me that was personalized with a few facts about me when I was a child. I thought the book was the neatest thing! So when I was sent a book called, “The First Adventures of Incredible You,” for my son, it brought back memories of my favorite childhood book (which I think I have laying around … [Read more...]