For $27.99, you can customize your own Sigg water bottle on Cafe Press.† What a great gift this is - choose from several different designs, put in your own text and voila, instant personalized Sigg water bottle. Each bottle is one liter - which is a nice size.† It's great for stashing in the car or taking it with you to the gym.† And best of … [Read more...]

Warning:† I'm going to gush over this product.† The following has to be one of the best†gifts I've seen for a child in a long time. Kidlandia makes personalized maps for kids.††I'm†not talking about a run of the mill map.† Make a map that outlines†a world of fantasy with silly monsters and towns and forests named after your relatives.† The … [Read more...]

Iím always in a panic when I need to write a note to my daughterís teacher. Itís always in the morning, last minute when Iím trying to get her out the door! In a panic, I have to scramble around my house for some sort of paper to write the note on and can never find one! I do usually find something lying around in the kitchen but the paper is … [Read more...]