Time is a precious commodity in my life these days.  I'm hard pressed to find any time to beautify myself as I'm always running - to the bus stop, to a sports event, to school, to finish the laundry, to ____ {insert another task in the day of our crazy Mom lives}. Not even kidding you guys, I had to set aside time the other day to pluck my … [Read more...]

Yep, I'm doing a Tuesday Best of Beauty for the GUYS today!!  Who would have thought?  But our guys need a little beauty fix every now and then, even if we have to give them that nudge, right? So today's product review is one he's guaranteed to love.  I was totally excited to open the box to this package from Gillette and seeing some … [Read more...]

Hey Ladies, I have a fun giveaway for your man for this Valentine's Day.  Gillette has generously donated a prize pack to one lucky Mommies with Style winner.    Here's info on the prize from Gillette:  “The Perfect Gentleman’s Guide” has everything he’ll need to make Valentine’s Day a hit, including: •       $100 AMEX … [Read more...]