This one is great for Back to School!  We'll have TWO winners of this one - two Mommies with Style readers will each win a personalized Back to School Pack from Lovable Labels. How awesome and perfect is this one for back to school?  I don't know about you guys but I label EVERYTHING I can that goes off to school. As responsible as my … [Read more...]

The following giveaway has been sponsored by Invisalign Teen.  You can see the Terms & Conditions of this giveaway here on Facebook. This morning's giveaway comes from Invisalign, which you have probably heard of.  I wish they had been around when I was a teenager!  With back to school quickly approaching, kids (especially teenagers), want … [Read more...]

This morning's giveaway is from Valpak, which you may not realize but you definitely know! You know that familiar blue envelope that comes in the mail and it's chock full of amazing coupons for local and national services? Those come from Valpak! Valpak means savings on goods and services that make a difference in your busy life. Here's a … [Read more...]

The amount of cool phone and laptop covers available these days is pretty amazing, right? Gone are the days of having 3 cell phone cover choices. These days you can find every color and pretty much a design or cover for anyone. My favorite type of cell phone covers are the personalized ones - or the one that share a little about the person … [Read more...]

When I was a kid, my first set of stitches came from a trampoline. I was in second or third grade and I was with a friend. This was one of those old school trampolines back in the 80s - big, black and encircled by a metal pole that screamed "bang into me and break a bone." I may not have broken a bone but in a random moment of "I am awesome," I … [Read more...]

Summer Camp is just around the corner, and I'm excited to giveaway 3 Limited Edition Camp Combos from Mabel's Labels, labels for the stuff kids lose, valued at $39.95 each. Mabel's Labels' value-packed collection of UV resistant, waterproof labels and tags was designed especially for everything that goes to summer camp. Identify clothes, footwear, … [Read more...]

Sometimes I laugh when I start to say these words but I have to say it: where was this product when my kids were little? It seems like the baby product industry has come so far since my babies were indeed babies and these Quick Install Gates from Munchkin are the kind of example I'm talking about. Watch this video below to see how strong and … [Read more...]

Yesterday I took a trip over to my local Armed with a $100 gift card, I went to town! As I say in my video, it always amazes me how many great sales they have going at any given time when you walk in. Check out my video to see everything I scored for just around $100. But in the meantime, this campaign is to generate buzz about a … [Read more...]

Today's review and giveaway is a current favorite of ours: the Creative Baby i-Mat, my Animal World! This educational playmat sits on the floor and uses a voice pen and allows for interaction with the mat. The pen speaks the names of the animals on the mat in three different languages! Children can choose from English, Spanish and Chinese to … [Read more...]

So I have pretty flat, thin hair and have never been a candidate for a Keratin treatment.  But I've seen tons of friends get them done and I'm always in awe of how absolutely amazing their hair turns out after the treatment.  But I also know that having the Keratin treatment done isn't cheap or a small time commitment.  It takes hours and you … [Read more...]