How had I not heard of this before? Have you guys? A friend shared about this today on Facebook and I think it's ingenious! It's a tradition called the Switch Witch, think Easter Bunny or Santa but only this little lady comes into your house, takes all your Halloween candy and leave the kids with small toys or items as a trade. It first … [Read more...]

Resurrecting an oldie but goodie because this continues to be a really popular post on Mommies with Style despite the fact that the original 20 Non-Candy Halloween Ideas is from 2014! Of course we know the kiddos love candy but I'll be honest, my guys love getting some non-candy in the mix for something different and of course as a parent it's easy … [Read more...]

Sharing again because I love ordering my wine from Heartwood & Oa so much! This is not an affiliate link or have they ever contacted me; I just appreciate the ease of ordering wine online and I have been loving tasting some new wines that I wouldn't normally by with Heartwood & Oak's wine service. I like that it's not a subscription either … [Read more...]

I just love this little Bluetooth LED Pumpkin Speaker that I bought off Amazon last week for some upcoming Halloween events we have coming so I had to share! It's only $16.99 with free shipping and it glows and changes different colors and makes spooky sounds when you turn it on. Plus, it's actually pretty great sound-wise for such a tiny little … [Read more...]

Looking for something beyond the normal candy to hand out on Halloween night? Here's a couple of awesome ideas that the kids are sure to love. No junky spider rings or teeth included. My daughter and her friends love these puzzle erasers. I swear I think I've bought these before for $1 each or more. Amazon has several of them including this … [Read more...]

Every year, our parish school does Trunk or Treat. If you aren't familiar, it's an event where you park your car in a parking lot and decorate it for Halloween. The kiddos walk around and Trick or Treat out of the various cars. It's a load of fun and people get really into trying to find cool and fun themes for their cars! Last year, we did … [Read more...]

I finally have my girl! My boys are going to kill me but I couldn't resist trying on this ballerina costume from T.J. Maxx on my newest baby girl, 4-month old border collie mix Maisie. I'll tell you guys, getting it on her was a FEAT. And posing? Well I'm patting myself on the back for having distracted with treats and having gotten these photos. I … [Read more...]

This 50 Non-Candy Easter Basket Items post did well back in April so I thought I'd re-visit the concept for Halloween.  These days everyone seems to have some sort of restriction - gluten-free, allergies or whatever reason they may have for not eating candy.  And honestly, we don't have any restrictions but my boys get so much candy in their … [Read more...]

We've really gotten into Halloween the last  couple of years around our house.   The kids just love it and I swear I go just as crazy with the decorations this time of year as I do for Christmas, even more so maybe ever since I did a campaign with Kmart for Halloween and we really stocked up on goodies.  Last year we had bloody chains and zombie … [Read more...]

Last week we had our school's "Trunk or Treat," which is a fun event where you decorate the trunk of your car and let kids Trick or Treat in a parking lot to all of the trunks.  We had a big email about all of the allergies at school so I was happy to give out a non-food item as an option that I thought the kids would like.  They LOVED these!  I … [Read more...]