I just got this awesome soccer card for Samantha. It came out so much better than I thought it would. She absolutely loves it! It’s on a thick board and great quality! Perfect gift for a soccer player! Here is the link to check it out. Code: SASS for discount. https://cardsplug.com/sass … [Read more...]

Before we give 2020 a huge goodbye party, there are still a few holidays left to celebrate. As everyone keeps saying, "The holidays will be different this year", but that doesn't mean we still can't shower our loved ones with gifts! And through online ordering and shipping, you can do it all from your couch. I am actually really excited this … [Read more...]

Looking for an easy way to engage your littlest ones in the history and traditions of Judaism? If they love the monsters of Sesame Street then definitely check out the Shalom Sesame series, its a friendly way to introduce traditions and the Jewish culture. In New Shalom Sesame #2: Chanukah - The Missing Menorah, which was just released in … [Read more...]