My nephew Sully reviewed a pair of Skull Candy headphones back in August in this vlog; these headphones are apparently very popular with the tween and teen crowd! Right now you can use coupon code 20SKDYOFF to receive 20% off your order at  Unsure of expiration date. … [Read more...]

Technically these aren't "children's" headphones.  But I don't know about the rest of you, but the ear buds that come with Apple products (iPhone, iPod) don't seem to stay in my kids' ears all that well.  In fact, they pretty much pop out as soon as we put them in. We've definitely had some frustration with it over the years when we're … [Read more...]

Little did I know, but Skullcandy headphones are hot for tweens and teens right now.  My sister in law filled me in when she saw I had received a pair at BlogHer this summer. "You know how awesome these headphones are, right?" I promptly handed them over to my nephew as I couldn't possibly appreciate them the way he could. My 15-year-old … [Read more...]