You guys!!!  I am so excited about tonight's Twitter party.  I'm co-hosting for a party for Hershey Park, which my family went to last summer and just LOVED. We had such a fun time in Hershey and everyone said afterwords that we couldn't believe it took us so long to get out to Hershey and to the Park when we live only an hour away in … [Read more...]

True story: I've lived less than an hour and a half drive from Hershey, PA for the last 12 years and I had never been to visit until this weekend. Yesterday, thanks to Chevrolet, my family got the chance to finally visit Hershey Park. Chevrolet is actually a sponsor of the park and they have something unique going on that I haven't seen at any … [Read more...]

My family just got back from another fun-filled trip around Pennsylvania. This time we spent three days and two nights in Lancaster and Hershey, home to some amazing family-friendly vacation spots, including Dutch Wonderland, Hershey Park, the Strasburg Railroad, Choo Choo Barn, and much more. For those who live in the mid-Atlantic area, this is … [Read more...]