This one's easy for me with an almost-9 year old and 6 year old, it's all boy all the time in my house! 10 Top Holiday Gift Picks for Boys: Spectacular Magic Show with Performance Table, $31.00 on Amazon, Ages 7-12 Nerf N-Force Ninja Sword, $19.97 on Amazon Ages 6 & Up, connects to make one big sword Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Death … [Read more...]

Well it's certainly pretty easy for me to pick these goodies each year!  I'll admit to having a bit more fun with the gift ideas for Moms than some of the other topics, it's like making my own wish list! Top 10 Holiday Picks for Moms: Turn Lock Wallet from Vera Bradley, $49 Tory Burch Logo Cutoff Cuff, was $195 on sale for … [Read more...]

I almost didn't do it this year, but after having done them since 2004, how could I not? Starting tomorrow, I'll be bringing you hot holiday picks for the various people in your life so stay tuned!  There are some amazing products on the market - it's going to be touch to choose this season! … [Read more...]

Yep, I'm doing a Tuesday Best of Beauty for the GUYS today!!  Who would have thought?  But our guys need a little beauty fix every now and then, even if we have to give them that nudge, right? So today's product review is one he's guaranteed to love.  I was totally excited to open the box to this package from Gillette and seeing some … [Read more...]

When I first noticed the Micro Chargers from Moose Toys booth at Sweet Suite (an event at BlogHer in NYC this summer), I knew my boys would be all over it. The gist of this toy is that you have small cars that "charge up" and then you release them onto a track as they zoom around. It's fast and fun and right up any boy's alley! You can buy … [Read more...]

Tell me this isn't insane.  We chopped this down fresh, we watered it right away and consistently, and this is the state of our tree this morning on Christmas Eve.  It started drying out after only about a week.  We've had it since December 4th. Here is the current base.  I have to vacuum at least once a day and I've been sweeping as well … [Read more...]

Sponsored by: With so many new holiday toys, decorations and gadgets, don’t forget to keep battery safety in mind! Coin-sized button batteries can cause serious injuries to children if ingested. Don’t know what items contain button batteries? We’re here to help. ------- I've partnered up with bloggers: Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog, … [Read more...]