Hey guys! It's that time of year again! Rather than breaking everything up into several holiday guides, I'm just going with one guide this year. You can scroll through the titles to see the Mommies with Style top picks (100 of them!!) in various categories and happy shopping.  I'm calling this one my Mother of All Holiday Guides in my head because … [Read more...]

A fun one I've been testing out lately is this Google Nexus 7 from Staples ($229.00 with free shipping). It's a smaller tablet - the display is a 7" but I actually kinda dig the small size of it.  Don't get me wrong, I do love my iPad but I've come to appreciate having the Google Nexus too BECAUSE of the size.  Not only is it smaller but it's … [Read more...]

When I hit up the Zing booth at Time to Play last month, I was all, I have boys, ooooh sure I can work a bow.  I was aiming for this target: I sure *look* like I know what I'm doing, right? Okay so it's blurry but can you tell from my face that it didn't go so well?  (But hey, at least I got it on the board and not the wall!) Either way, … [Read more...]

A couple of weeks ago, I got an awesome box of toy goodies from the Big Toy Book.  One of the toys in the box caught my eye immediately because it was something I played with as a little girl - it was a box of Tinkertoy!  I couldn't believe it.  Talk about an old classic. In fact, Tinkertoy has been around since 1913 so that pretty much makes … [Read more...]

Yesterday I brought you a review from my trip to New York last week and day with Time to Play, a holiday toy expo and showcase. Imagine my happiness when I came across the Jazwares booth - full of Minecraft toys!  They had some great plush Minecraft characters like this Enderman and Creeper: You can get the plush Minecraft toys from Jazwares … [Read more...]

Where have I been?  This must have happened recently because I can't believe I would have missed it.  We got the original last year - that's the Lego Minecraft $34.99 on Amazon and it's a cube that looks like Minecraft that comes with Minecraft shaped legos, a Steve and a Creeper figure. But the other day I was on and a couple of new Minecraft … [Read more...]

You all know the 2 minute brushing rule, right?  We are SO bad about it.  I try and get the kids to continue to brush but they complain it's sooooo long and honestly, 2 minutes does feel long when you are brushing! Firefly Toothbrushes offer a fun answer to keeping your kids engaged for the full 2 minutes.  These brushes light up - green, then … [Read more...]

Fashion & travel?  Two of my favorite topics in one new line of toy!  I wish they had these dolls when I was a little girl!  Pinkie Cooper & the Jet Set Pets Runway Collection Dolls are all about these two topics. The namesake of the line, Pinkie Cooper, is a blogger who loves fashion.  (Hellllloo, how fun is that?! I love that … [Read more...]

I was treated to a great lunch in Philadelphia last week with Hasbro. They were in town showcasing some of their latest products and I was particularly interested as many of the toys seemed great for my boys including Beywarriors - a new toy from Beyblade.  These toys work similarly to the classic Beyblade, you spin and battle in an arena only now … [Read more...]

If you have one who is a Disney PLANES fan, this is a really cute toy for the holiday season!  Disney PLANES Dusty Crophopper is $39.97 on Amazon and it's remote-controlled with wings that attach to the kids.  They control the movement my mimicking flying around themselves - so cute, right? There are some pre-programmed moves that work at the … [Read more...]