Efficiency is what it's all about at TinyPrints.com this time of year.  I love how I order my Christmas cards, ask for a FREE proofread from a real human and STILL, within an hour I receive an email that my cards are approved and on the way.  That place just churns the out this time of year!  And it's no surprise.  I've been ordering from Tiny … [Read more...]

My kids are always excited about getting the mail, but during the month of December, they are extra excited. Why? Holiday cards. From far and wide, friends and family fill our mailbox with updates and photos of their kids, their animals and their adventures. This year we made our holiday cards through Pinhole Press. I love their simple designs, … [Read more...]

I've made holiday cards through a number of companies over the past few years. Some them all blur together, offering fine, but not memorable products or services. Others stand out. One of those is Minted.com. (Special coupon code below!) Minted is not your average stationary shop. They describe themselves as a "global community of independent … [Read more...]

So I'm in the process of combing through all of the amazing designs at TinyPrints.com to order my annual holiday cards.  As usual, I'm overwhelmed but the assortment of beautiful designs to choose from! I'm also thinking I may do two sets this year - Christmas cards for those who celebrate, and generic Happy Holiday cards for those who don't. … [Read more...]

In addition to turkey and pie, hopefully the recent holiday gave you the chance to grab a great family photo. And now that Thanksgiving has past, it's time deck the halls, trim the tree and send out those holiday cards. I know there are plenty of big name photo card producers you can choose from, but this year I wanted to go in search of something … [Read more...]

Haven't ordered your holiday cards yet?  Don't worry - there's still plenty of time, with deals still to be found.  Tiny Prints has a sale going on right now - it ends today so check it out if you'd like to take advantage.  Use coupon code TPHOL20 to receive $20 off your order of $75 or more.   Ends 11:59 pm PT, December 3rd. … [Read more...]