Sadly, my boys have both outgrown Lego Advent Calendars. They're both at that teen too-cool-for-school point of life. I still love doing some sort of Advent Calendar build up to Christmas Day though. Last year we did the plain old chocolate ones, which is just fine but this year I was on a mission to find something unique that would make each … [Read more...]

sneakers - Superga, Steve Madden, Vans jewelry - necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings monogram (sweatshirt, makeup bag, robe) workout clothes - leggings, jacket, shirt neon light sweat suit - Juicy makeup - eyeshadow, lips, highlighter candles purse - Madewell, Gucci flowers … [Read more...]

I mean, come on. These are hysterical. I am dying to get some of these for a girlfriend. These Drinking Buddies Wine Charms may be the best stocking stuffer gift I've seen for her yet this year. These muscle men cling to the side of your drink - each one is different thanks to his different colored undies. So funny. Great for a bachelorette party … [Read more...]

cookie jar home decor sweaters The Night Sky poster puzzle book Nespresso plants Harry and David food basket mugs blankets … [Read more...]

SoI'm loving these pajamas even more in person than I did when I ordered them! I got two pairs of Christmas PJs from Zulily a couple of weeks ago and may have to go back for a third as I see they added some new Holiday PJs at Zulily. Cute, no? The other one I purchased says "Holiday Workout" and shows a wine opener exercising. I like Ho Ho … [Read more...]

In ten years of blogging, I can't say that I've ever gone this radio silent for so long. The time between Christmas and New Years is always traditionally quiet - everyone's maxed out from the holidays, including me, but not like this. This year, right after Christmas, I went to the Outer Backs with some friends on a trip we've done several … [Read more...]

One fun thing about the holiday season - it's a great chance to add a little bling and sparkle to your beauty regime! Here's 5 great eyeshadow picks to add a little zing to get you into the holiday spirit. Degrees of Dazzling, $79 ( - 20 different eye shadow minerals from bareMinerals.  Not powder, but smooth & blend able so you can … [Read more...]

How cute are these Holiday Sweets Lip Balms from Avon for the stocking this holiday season! Love these for a tween, teen or Mom!!! Only 99 cents on Avon's website - and while you're there, pick up some other fun goodies. If you purchase $10 worth of items, you can use coupon code SHIPTEN to get free shipping.