Hi guys - this month's Savvy Living Community Back to School Blitz that I'm participating in is a fun one - TWO HOURS of back to school chat with TONS of prizes! Wahooooo! 8-9 pm ET will be a back to school chat for kids and then 9-10 pm ET is my hosting hour and we'll be talking back to school fashion! There will be great prizes and all you … [Read more...]

Hi guys, I have another one of those fun eBates chats going on live TONIGHT! It's at 9 pmET and all you need to do is visit this webpage and you can reply instantly right below when you are logged in via Facebook or BlogFrog - easy peasy! Awesome, right? Join in and let's exchange some summer BBQ and enteraining ideas! … [Read more...]

I'm a little more than a month into my gig over at the eBates Savvy Living Community and I'm having so much fun guys! I think I just really missed the old school message board where someone posts a thread and you chat away. Visit me! Please! I'd love to have some friends over there with me. Click on the "All" under Forum on the left to see … [Read more...]

I'm into my second month of my new gig over at the BlogFrog eBates community and I'm having so much fun! Once a month I'll be hosting a chat over there - it's all web-based and you can login via your BlogFrog or Facebook account and chat away right here on Mommies with Style! My topic for this month is Summer Travel - I know you all have a lot … [Read more...]

Hi all, I've joined a team of some marvelous Moms as a Community Leader on the Blog Frog eBates Savvy Living Community. Long before blogging was even a twinkle in my little eye, I was on various message boards chatting about all sorts of things so I love getting back to my community message board roots with this gig! This great community talks … [Read more...]